4th September 2019


The second running of the Freddie Giles Memorial Trophy will be one of the stand-out races at the Castle Combe Autumn Classic (Saturday October 5).


The race, featuring a grid full of the wonderful British sports cars built before the Second World War, will honour the memory of Freddie Giles, one of the most successful and popular Frazer Nash racers of a generation.


Promoted by the Frazer Nash Car Club, the race will feature up to 30 Frazer Nashes, while other examples of the marque will be on display in and around the paddock. It is hoped that most, if not all, of the cars raced by Giles will be on hand and six or seven cars are expected.


Freddie Giles, who died in 2016 at the age of 80, was renowned for his exploits in Frazer Nashes during a motor sport career spanning half a century. He was born in Devizes in 1936 and built a chain of restaurants and hotels across the south-west. He lived most of his life in Wiltshire and spent his last 30 years at Semington, near Trowbridge.


He competed in classic endurance rallies and in 2000 he won the 22,000-mile ‘Around the World’ Rally. However, he was best known for racing in Frazer Nashes and was competing at Castle Combe as early as 1965 in a racing career that continued right through until 2011. He scored countless successes in Frazer Nashes.


Archie Frazer-Nash built his first car in 1922 and production continued through until the Second World War as Frazer Nash built around 350 sports cars using a chain drive system. A small number of conventionally driven cars, around 80 in total, were built after the War, before production finally ceased in 1957. It is the Pre-War cars that will race at Castle Combe and they are renowned for their superb handling characteristics, which encourage tail-out motoring.


There are strong links between the Frazer Nash marque and Castle Combe as it was the Aldington family that took over the company from Archie Frazer Nash in 1929. The Aldingtons later became the official UK Porsche importer in the 1950s and John Aldington was a key player in the ownership and operation of Castle Combe in the 1960s.


(Thanks to Chris Gage and Pete Taylor for the images).



- Castle Combe Circuit's Autumn Classic historic race meeting descends on the Wiltshire race track on Saturday, 5 October. Expect a raft of classic racing action, as well as vast club car displays and much more. Advanced tickets are available now from £15. Click here for more details.