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Formula 3 500

The Bristol Aeroplane Company Motor Sports Club Challenge Trophy race, run by the 500 Owners Association

F3500s Formula 3 500s
The race for the crowd-pleasing 500cc motorbike-engined Formula 3 500 cars from the 1950s was a new addition in 2014, and hasn't disappointed.

After thrilling duels the leaders have been separated by less than a second in races reminiscent of the early 1950s, when the diminutive 500s often provided the most exciting races of the day. Most of the up and coming British stars of the time, such as Sir Stirling Moss, Les Leston, Don Parker, Ivor Bueb and Jim Russell, then regularly raced such cars at Castle Combe.

The race will be the final round of the 500 Owners Association circuit championship, and in addition to the famous Cooper marque, cars from many less well-known constructors such as JBS, Kieft, Mackson, Staride and Arnott are expected to appear, including several that were raced here in period

The race has extra local significance, as the original "500 Club" was created in Bristol in the summer of 1946, following meetings of the Bristol Aeroplane Company Motor Sports Club when the 500cc racing car formula was devised. Five years later the formula was adopted by the FIA as International Formula 3.

The historic Bristol Aeroplane Company Motor Sports Club Challenge Trophy, first won by Bob Gerard in 1945, has been allocated to the race courtesy of the BACMSC successor club, the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club. 




500 Owners Association Bristol Pegasus motor club